About the Zindis Group

The ZINDIS Group Corp Vision and Mission

The ZINDIS Group Corp endeavors to be Costa Rica’s leading property management and HOA administration organization. With this mission, we strive to capture the global audience as our customer base, allowing both client and visitor alike to experience Costa Rica at its finest. Our team has received recognition in the form of referrals and growth, for being both an ethical and stable entity in the Costa Rican property management industry due to our continued commitment to providing outstanding value to our clients and an exceptional vision with a mission to serve.

An exceptional vision for Costa Rica property management

To be a first-class property management company, The ZINDIS Group Corp maintains our level of knowledge of Costa Rican legal and accounting guidelines by employing an international team of legal representatives and certified accountants and following said laws to our utmost ability as well as passing that knowledge on to our clients and administrations that we represent.

The ZINDIS Group Corp mission to serve

Our accountability is delivered through innovative and responsive service of distinct quality and value, and we foster and nurture long-term customer relationships founded on mutual trust and confidence. We pride ourselves on attracting, motivating, educating, developing and rewarding our employees who are committed to productivity, quality and teamwork. Dedication to excellence, education and personal and professional growth has created an environment that has allowed The ZINDIS Group partners, local employees and our numerous vendors to grow and prosper in their respective settings, making ZINDIS recognized as an economic and social asset by the communities in which we operate.

The ZINDIS Group is an ethical and legal organization dedicated to be a source of accountability and peace of mind for those that we serve.

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