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Why choose Guanacaste as a vacation destination?

Added: Nov 04, 2022
Category: Things to do

If you have already chosen to spend your family vacations in Costa Rica, you may be wondering which is the best region to visit.

The tourist area of Guanacaste, located in the North Pacific of Costa Rica, is part of the natural and cultural heritage of the country. In this beautiful area you will find a wide variety of spaces for tourists of all kinds to enjoy. Its splendor is found in the rivers, lands, mountains, and coasts of Guanacaste. Its incomparable natural beauty, warm atmosphere, and spectacular surroundings have made it one of the most popular destinations among national and international tourists.

Here are 4 reasons why you should choose this province as your next vacation destination:

International Airport

The Guanacaste International Airport (Daniel Oduber) is located in the city of Liberia, capital of the province. With excellent access to beautiful beaches, scenic national parks and volcanoes, the airport is a convenient and comfortable option for tourists, who wish to immerse themselves in an authentic atmosphere from the very beginning.

This airport receives flights from several cities in the United States, such as Miami, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta, Canada, and also from Europe and in the last four years it has consecutively won the Airport Service Quality Awards (ASQ), which awarded it as the best in the region, ensuring the best service to tourists.

Guanacaste "The cradle of Costa Rican culture"

If there is one place in Costa Rica that you should visit for an accurate cultural experience, it is definitely the province of Guanacaste. What stands out most in the area is the feeling of national pride in the varied culture that you will find in the cities of the province.

You don't need to look far, walking around the different cities and visiting the different markets you can get a taste of the traditions of this land.

Although visiting the towns is a great start to your cultural experience in Guanacaste, it is certainly not the only way, as the province has different cultural tour offers that will allow you to experience it to the fullest.

Mountain and beach in one day

One of the greatest advantages of this province are its biodiversity and the proximity of the different destinations.

Distances are short and with a good itinerary you can visit national parks, volcanoes, mountains and lush beaches in the same day, allowing you to make the most of your vacation.

The Guanacaste pampa has tropical dry forests, is characterized by its warm climate and fertile nature and unique scenarios for the enjoyment and connection with nature.

Access to good medical services

The province of Guanacaste offers a series of advantages, such as the proximity to the different medical centers from any point of the province and with such a competitive tourist offer the area has managed to provide the needs of the sector, where you can find very high level hospitals that attend emergency situations as well as a complete variety of resources that allow offering a complete portfolio of a medical and rehabilitation services in the case you wish to do medical tourism.

No matter if you come alone, with your couple, friends, or family, choosing the province of Guanacaste, Costa Rica as a vacation rentals destination is an ideal option, this beautiful area offers you an impressive variety of destinations but above all experiences that will stay in your memory forever.

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